Tools for Measuring Campaigns

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Analytics will let you know which marketing techniques are working -- and which aren’t. This ensures you spend time on what you’re doing right, not what you’re doing wrong.
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most popular tool for marketers. It’s hard to find a service that can compete with Google Analytics in terms of  data.

Use it for:

  • Measuring traffic. With Google Analytics, you’ll see daily visitor figures, your most popular pages, and where your traffic is coming from. This last feature is especially useful if you run email, guest post, or social media campaigns.
  • Measuring bounce rate. This is a good indicator of how engaging your content is. Use this information to figure out which pieces of content aren’t engaging your audience, and then improve your efforts with that information.
  • There is many other features and tool that you can use, it’s all down to your objectives

Facebook Page Insights

Since Facebook is the biggest social network, it becomes even more important to know what works for your audience and what doesn’t. Like Twitter Analytics, Facebook Page Insights is a place where you can track how successful your campaign is and get business intelligence.

Use it for:

  • Measuring exposure and engagement. The Likes, Reach, Page Visits, and Tab Visits panes will give you detailed information on the views, comments, and shares the your posts gather. You’ll also see how many paid and organic likes you’ve received, which posts made people unlike your page, and where your fans are coming from.
  • Understanding your followers. Facebook Page Insights will tell you when your followers are the most active (so you can post at the right time), who views your posts (men or women, older or younger), where they live, and which buttons they click more eagerly than others. Be sure to check the Actions on Page and People tabs.

Google Advertising

Google Advertising, formerly AdWords is a great source of data and excellent analytics tool. It gives you insight into

  • Market share
  • Popular landing pages
  • Keyword research analytics

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Google Advertising are just a few of many metric tools that provide rich sources of data and metrics to help you grow leads and make sales.

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